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Ramses, The Tarot of Eternity

by Severino Baraldi, Pietro Alligo, Giordano Berti & Rodrigo Tebani
Ramses, The Tarot of Eternity
Price: $19.95
Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 2.6 x 4.72 inches, or 66 x 120 mm.

Back of card: Sepia tones, based on major arcana IV, the Emperor (shown above). May be inverted.

Booklet included: Yes, 64 pages, 2.6 x 4.67 inches, or 65 x 119 mm. Instructions in English, Italian, Spanish, French & German.

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo. Printed in Italy, imported by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Comments: In the notes to this deck, Giordano Berti writes, [This tarot] concentrates on a well-defined era which begins with the accession to the throne of Sethi I (approx. 1304 BC) and ends with the sovereignty of Merenptah (1224 BC). Actually, the father & son of Ramses II open & close the series of 22 "Trionfi" or Major Arcana. At the beginning and at the end of this time span are the names of two characters who show up "outside of their time" given that they were supporters of a monotheistic religion which would have then changed the course of history; one was the heretical Pharaoh Amenophi IV, known better as Aken-Aton (who died around 1347 BC), and the other was Egyptian Hebrew Moses (who died around 1265 BC). Apart from these two "outsiders", all of the "Trionfi" refer to the fundamental episodes of the very long existence of the "living god" User-Maat-Re-Setep-en-Re ("Powerful is the truth of Ra, the Chosen One of Ra"), better known as Ramses II (1302-1224 BC). The main wives of Ramses as well as his most famous children, enemies, battles, etc., were therefore translated into "Trionfi figures"

On the side of the box it says: I am Ramses II, Son of the Sun, Great with Victories, Powerful Bull, Lord of High and Low Egypt, interpreter of the words of the Gods. Every living thing obeys my desire, which rises from the virile strength of Amon, from the justice of Maat, from the magical power of Thoth. With all respect to the hard working people at Lo Scarabeo, this is laying it on a bit thick.

A word on nudity in tarot, and the occult generally: Generally speaking, occult teaching are never stated clearly. They are always disguised. Free range is given to parables (such as those told by Jesus), allegories, hints, symbols, tall tales. There are many instances where "occult teachings" are simply wrong on their face. The seeker must decipher the code, untangle the puzzle, after which some things become clear. Decipher enough code & many things become clear. The only reason I can see for the subterfuge is to force a greater awareness of the reality around us. Remembering that most esoteric students have traditionally been males, when female nudes are shown to them, the student is to jump up & down in excitement that the plain, simple, unvarnished truth is about to be vouchsafed to him, with all the glories & honors appertaining thereto. But as with the male/female sexual encounter on which this is patterned, the "simple truth" often hides a great many complications.

This is the meaning of the nudes in the Rider-Waite deck. The publishers at Lo Scarabeo, on the other hand, simply like the female figure. Nudes are prominent in nearly all their decks. Ramses, The Tarot of Eternity, is notable for many topless females. In particular, note the Lover's card, shown above. The Pharaoh is shown with no less than four semi-naked, gyrating females. I have no idea what this might signify, as the pharaoh is not looking at the females and they are not looking at him or each other. Five people, each in their own private worlds.

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