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Cartouche Cards

by Murry Hope & Martin Jones

Special Note: I regret that as of June 28, 2010, Cartouche Cards are now OUT OF PRINT. We have no more, nor do any of our suppliers. The publisher, Jed Collard, still has some, which at the moment he is selling for $19.95. Go to Ostaris and order directly. Regret I do not know if he ships internationally.

Jed tells me he hopes to reprint at some point in the future. - Dave

The Cartouche book is still in stock:

THE BOOK OF TALIMANTRAS, by Murry Hope, Ostaris Publications, $29.95

30 pages, 6.4 x 9.7 inches, or 16.4 x 24.6 cm. Despite the title, this is wholly about Cartouche cards & their practical use. Includes full-color, full-size illustrations of all the cards in the Cartouche deck (actually, larger than the deck itself), printed four to a page. As the back of these pages are themselves marked as the back of the cards, one could carefully cut them out, have a perfectly serviceable deck, and not significantly harm the book itself.

Number of cards in deck: 25

Measurements: 2.55 x 3.5 inches; or 65 x 90 millimeters.

Back of card: Two identical columns of hieroglyphs, one up, one down, so the card can be inverted. On a parchment background.

Booklet included: Yes, about 20 pages, 2.55 x 3.5 inches; or 65 x 90 millimeters.

Publisher: Ostaris Publications. Printed in the US.

Comments: We've been contacted by the publisher, Jed Collard, concerning this deck. Here are his notes:

"I am the publisher of Cartouche cards and I just visited your website. I have a couple of comments: First, the Oracle was the brainchild of Murry Hope, one of England's foremost metaphysicians and authors. Martin Jones did the artwork for the cards, but Murry's name should receive top billing as the creator of the Oracle.

"Second, there actually is a major arcana. The first ten cards -- Osiris, Isis, Horus, Bast, Thoth, Nephthys, Hathor, Ptah, Anubis and Set -- were the major dieties of ancient Egypt, although their names and symbologies changed over the thousands of years they were worshipped, and in some dynasties were replaced by other dieties. These ten cards have hieroglyphics in the upper right hand corner encapsulate the power of these cards.

"The remaining fifteen cards are the minor arcana and they represent attributes, i.e., the Twins card symbolizes the twin lion gods, Shu and Tefnut, and represents polarity and partnerships; the Lotus card represents the opening power of the sun, tranquility, and the ebb and flow of life; the Buckle of Isis is a fertility symbol which represents abundance, but that a price must be paid for it. All of the symbols are authentic representations of ancient art and drawings, and the meanings of the cards correspond to the arcane sacred writings. Over 100,000 decks of Cartouche cards have been sold worldwide." (October 25, 1999)

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