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From the US & Canada, toll free: 1-800-475-2272 ------- From elsewhere: 410-638-7761
Please try to phone during US business hours.

Additional Help for International Customers:

Alternative payment options:
Western Union: Western Union is safe, reliable, fast, and easy for us. Under Payment Options (above), choose no. 2 (Credit Card Transaction Via Telephone or Western Union). We will email to confirm stock & shipping. You then go to your local Western Union, make payment, and email us the transfer control number. Please make the money payable to my legal name: William R. Roell. You will also need our address: 206 Victory Lane, Bel Air, MD 21014, USA. We collect the money, ship the goods, and send you email confirmation.

International cheques & money orders. We gladly accept checks (cheques) and money orders for US money, drawn on a US bank. In practice, this means the name & address of a US bank should be printed on the check itself. The US (ie, New York) branch of your national bank usually works fine. You can get these from your local banker, who will be happy to sell them to you. You then send them to us. We ship on receipt.

We also accept all International Postal Money Orders for US money. These can be cashed at any US Post Office.

Pay Pal: I regret that a standard PayPal account is not suitable for our business. PayPal presumes we have all books in stock at all times & that the shipping is always correct. While this is true over 90% of the time, when it isn`t you will probably overpay & we will have to find some way to get the money back to you. PayPal does not make that easy. That can be messy, if you think about it. PayPal is suitable for e-books, which we do not sell.

Wire Transfers: Domestic wire transfers, from your US bank to mine, are a snap, but seem to be unnecessary. I regret that my bank does not handle international wire transfers very well. They take 2-3 weeks to arrive and bear $20.00 US in fees, which you must pay. They are NOT RECOMMENDED.

Cash. US paper money (greenbacks), well-wrapped in an envelope, have in the past arrived safely, but they are sent at your risk and we are not responsible if they do not arrive. If you include your email address, I will confirm receipt the day the money arrives.

If two weeks pass and your package has not arrived:
Ask at your post office if they have a package for you. Sometimes delivery notices go astray, sometimes the usual crew is absent, sometimes the system just breaks down. Every year, one or two international packages are returned, unclaimed. The return voyage never takes less than a month, and once took an entire year. When packages are returned, you can pay to have the packages reshipped (the fault was not ours, apologies), or we will happily refund the price of the books: your choice. But first: Ask the post office! And be sure to include your apartment number when you order from us.
Additional shipping information:
International shipping: After working for many years to develop a cheap, flat-rate international envelope, in 2013 the US post office raised the rates on the international envelopes, thus discouraging their use. It is now cheaper to send mail by the ounce/gram. This is especially true with Canada.

Canada: Small packages that look as if they cost $20US or less, generally escape the notice of Canadian Customs, which means no taxes on arrival. (Actual value of contents may be different. Astrology books are more expensive than most, which means that orders up to about 1 kg may be classed as "small".) Larger packages are usually taxed ($5.00CAN minimum, or so they tell me) and are often handled slowly by Canadian Postes. Both of these are Canadian national policies, there is nothing any US shipper can do about them. Canadian domestic mail, packages from elsewhere in the Commonwealth, are handled differently. Solution: Avoid tax, avoid delay. Ship large orders in several small packages, for a slight increase in shipping.

Mexico: Regular airmail and surface mail seem unreliable. Use Express, instead.

DHL, FedEx, aka Countries with unreliable mail: I hesitate to name them, it would be rude. Generally speaking, if you believe you need DHL or FedEx (or UPS) to get your mail safely, there is an alternative. I have found Express Mail to be safe, reliable and fast. The cost is typically half what FedEx or DHL charge. My research suggests the underlying problem is not the mail service itself, but the cheap grades of mail. In every country where I have first-hand experience, I have found the expensive grades of mail ("express", "courier", "overnight", etc.) to be reliable. US Express mail gets you into that grade of service.

Express Mail (International customers): Express mail is more secure than standard airmail. It is NOT faster. (There are grades of international mail that are faster, but they are a lot more money.) Express mail is intended for countries where ordinary mail is not secure (see above). We`ve been shipping since 1994, we have a pretty good idea what those countries are. Express mail requests to western Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada (etc.) will be honored only if you include some comment asking for the service. We will otherwise reduce shipping fees to standard airmail, and ship. We see no reason to confuse our customers with unnecessary charges.

Express Mail (Domestic customers): Here the question is speed, not security. Speed depends on available stock. Over 95% of all the items on this site are in stock at any given moment, but if it`s not, then you can`t have it tomorrow. If you need speed, phone: 1-800-475-2272 and we`ll work something out. If that number does not work, then you are not a domestic customer. (Canadians are not domestic, apologies.)

Some Specific Countries:

South Africa: We ship, airmail, only to post office boxes. For street addresses, we are happy to use Express Mail.

Belgium, Denmark, some other EU countries: Some EU countries now tax imported books, adding not only expense, but delay as well. So far, packages labeled "documents" have escaped these taxes, and have arrived quickly. If your country taxes imported books, please let us know.

Philippines: I regret I can no longer accept credit cards from the Philppines. (Too many people with borrowed cards. Easy for you, a risk to me.) I suggest Western Union.

Russia: May, 2012: It has come to our attention that Russian customs steal. They have a weakness for pictures of naked girls. Sexy tarot decks are risky. If you order only one deck, you may get it. More than one at a time, customs may impose a "tax" and give you one less than you expected. Express mail would not be a solution. Losses in customs are distressing. I will be watching this closely.

Surface mail ("sea mail"): As of May, 2007, no longer offered by the US Postal Service. It wasn`t cheap, it was extremely slow & often lost or damaged. I stopped using it years before.

What happens if you pick the wrong shipping? From time to time international customers overlook shipping options. These orders arrive with the US Priority Mail shipping rate, which is the default. When this happens, we automatically increase shipping to the minimum for standard airmail. We presume desire for good books outweighs a minor increase in shipping. Yes, we should email & get your permission first, but there is this: From time to time, international customers select Book Rate. I regret that I cannot ship packages outside the US at that rate, or anything near it. As Book Rate is not the default shipping rate, its selection cannot have been an oversight. I email to ask for permission to increase shipping to cover airmail rates, and wait for a response. If there is no response, we do not charge your card, we do not ship, and you do not get the books. I regret that more than half my requests, for these & other details, get no response.

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