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Recycled & Used Books, page 1

Good books for $5.00

These are not really used books, they're mostly excess stock from one of my suppliers, and they are all several years old. Most of these are from India. Which means Indian standards of quality, which are a bit shabby by modern American standards. As we got these for a good price, we're happy to pass it along. These are, for the most part, $5.00 each. Some we have in quantity, but for some there are only a few. Expand your library, expand your horizons, take a dare. The stranger the book, the more interesting its adventure.

Please note: Books published by Taraporevala / D.B. Taraporevala Sons, are notably crude in printing & binding.


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used: SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY - W.J. Tucker, $5.00

D. B. Taraporevala Sons. 92 pages. Condition: good. Printed: 1984.

Sun sign stuff, but nicely written.

Printed In India.

used: THE KEY TO ASTROLOGY - Felix Fairfax, $5.00

Taraporevala. 186 pages. Condition: Fair. Printed: 1988.

Sun signs. Fairly well done.

Printed In India.

used: PLAN YOUR LIFE WITH THE PLANETS - Edward Lyndoe, $5.00

Taraporevala. 172 pages. Condition: good. Printed: 1990.

Notes on various topics (gambling, friendships, love, marriage, job, habits, health, success, etc.), each with delineations for of the twelve signs. Edward Lyndoe, an English astrologer, was born in 1901. He was an early sun-sign columnist.

Printed In India.

used: ASTROLOGY FOR EVERYMAN - William J. Tucker, $5.00

Sagar. 306 pages. Condition: Fair. Printed: 1971-? Probably printed in the 1990's.

Tucker was an English astrologer who lived from 1896 to 1981. He was an advocate of houses drawn from the MC (most house systems, including Placidus, are drawn from the ascendant), and, judging by the lack of house delineations in this book, got very little from them. The book is notable for 144 delineations of the Sun & Moon through the signs (polarities).

Printed In India.

used: PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: How to make it work for you in love, marriage, career & health - Jerryl L. Keane, $5.00

Tarang Paperbacks. 240 pages. Condition: good. Printed: 1989.

A textbook of natal astrology. The type is tiny, but the printing is clear. Includes progressions & transits (both brief) along with individual degree "pictures". In the back, a condensed ephemeris, 1900-1970.

Printed In India.


Taraporevala. 189 pages. Condition: Fair. Printed: 1991.

This is on sun-signs, grouped by element, eg, the three fire, the three air, the three earth, and finally the three water.

Printed In India.



or two

of a kind

These are unique books. They will be OUT OF PRINT once we've sold them.

THE ZODIAC EXPERIENCE: Initiation through the 12 signs - Patricia Crowther, $5.00




About the author


For each sign, there are keywords, introductory notes, legends (Egyptian, Celtic, Italian, Tibetan - this varies) & a rite (i.e., initiation). These are Wiccan. Each ritual starts with a brief initial ceremony (appropriate to the sign in question), and then has a visualization, which amounts to a short story. A good many of these feature nudity of one party or another, but these are visualizations & not what can actually be staged. On page xi is a line drawing of a nude female (complete with pubic hair) which is to orient us to the rulerships of the constellations with the parts of the body. At the very end of the book, About the Author, we learn she has been a witch since 1960 (this book is from 1992). Presumably she is of the sky-clad sort. There is something about wicca & nudity. They are either going out of their way to emphasize it, or backpedaling just as fast to say that they don't do that.

Weiser, 221 pages.

COSMIC ASTROLOGY - The religion of the stars - June Wakefield, $5.00



1. What astrology IS, and what it is not
2. History of astrology
3. The spiritual nature of astrology
4. Man - the ultimate creation
5. The secondary Suns
6. The nature of the planets & the principles they express
7. The nature & functions of the zodiacal signs
8. Something about the houses & the aspects
9. Some afterthoughts


The book is Theosophical in nature, which, in this case, does not seem to include Alice Bailey's additions.

AFA, 149 pages.

THE SABIAN BOOK - Letters of insight - Marc Edmund Jones, $5.00



1. The Sabian way
2. The seeker
3. New thought & occultism
4. Sabian philosophy
5. Sabian disciplines
6. Spiritual fellowship
7. Sources of vitality
8. Healing
9. The ten words
10. The Masters & the Lodge

Numerical index
General index


These are short essays, selected from among 1200 weekly messages written by Dr. Jones to students of the Sabian Assembly, from 1927 to 1950. (If you do the math, that's 1200 weeks.) In the years afterward he recycled them, as the Sabian Assembly exists to this day. Hey! He wrote a lot more than St. Paul did, and if you want to know why I'm not respectful of religious beliefs, know that I think we must grasp beliefs in our two hands and look at them squarely & apply every scrap of inspiration & intelligence & wide reading & study that we can to them. Only then will arid artifacts - the Bible comes immediately to mind - come to life.

In this book are about a third of the total essays, given one to a page. The thrust of many of them is that you're lucky to belong to an enlightened outfit like the Sabians. They were not intended to be read aloud, but to be slowly pondered, meditated upon. Each is summarized at the bottom, though the summaries are not especially more clear than the main text.

Sabian Publishing Society, 389 pages. Not a hardcover.



Moving towards the 21st century and the age of Aquarius
Sun sign astrology and the astrological ages
Understanding astrology
Interpreting the horoscope
Calculation of the birth horoscope
New boundaries of the Aquarian age.


Mostly introductory material, but the topics raised & the charts supplied, you can do your own analysis & get a lot more out of the book than what the author intended.

153 pages including references, recommended reading and worksheets. Gemcraft Books, paper, 152 pages.

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